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No matter the choices that you make on how to conduct your business, it is essential to keep the legal requirements in mind. Every business relies on contracts. The proper drafting and negotiation of these contracts is essential to effective business practice. It is also important to be prepared to handle any potential conflicts that may arise. In some cases, it will even be necessary to take a case to court in order to protect your company.

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Business Law

At BK Law Group, we provide value by combining business and legal experience, and understanding our clients’ needs so that we can provide quality service in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Business Litigation

Our experienced business attorneys will provide the competent, aggressive, and ethical representation you deserve.

Construction Law

Allow our experienced team to guide you through the legal hurdles associated with construction in Minnesota.

Employment Law

Our skilled attorneys at BK Law Group are willing and eager to consult with businesses for services related to employment laws.

Real Estate Law

At BK Law, we have a deep understanding of all real estate’s complexities and will advise you on all potential property issues.

Tax Law

Our services include planning and consulting, tax fraud, failure to file or pay, tax disputes, penalties and fines and more.

Helping to Establish New Business Relationships

Following the required legal procedures is essential to proper business practice. This begins with the filing of the articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State. It may also be necessary to establish business contracts with other companies. Companies can use these contracts to:

  • Establish a supply chain
  • Hire executive-level employees
  • Rent out brick and mortar locations
  • Create sales arrangements
  • Create franchise relationships that allow other parties to use intellectual property or business models

Clearly, contracts constitute a major part of business law. A Bloomington business lawyer could help negotiate and draft contracts that establish business relationships while working to protect a company’s legal rights.

A Bloomington business lawyer could provide help for all the legal matters that may arise in the course of doing business. From filing articles of incorporation and registering a company, to participating in the forming of contracts, to protecting intellectual property rights during a franchise arrangement, a well-versed lawyer could help you with all your business law needs.

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Protecting Company Assets in Case of Conflicts

Other companies, franchisees, and subcontractors may allege that a company has violated a contract or refused to provide proper payment. If left unchecked, these allegations can result in costly litigation that can affect a business’s legal and property rights. Therefore, it is essential to anticipate any potential future conflicts and to act decisively in case of any trouble.

A Minnesota business lawyer can also provide essential support in case of business conflicts. They can work to explain the laws as they apply to the situation, develop legal strategies designed to meet the business owner’s goals, and fight to implement those strategies during every stage of the conflict.

These strategies apply both in and out of court. Many trials are avoidable if companies are willing to negotiate and be reasonable about their goals. A Bloomington business lawyer could help to work to resolve conflicts favorably.

Let a Minnesota Business Attorney Help

Your company is a great source of pride and identity for you. Therefore, it is essential to take every possible step to preserve that income and to protect yourself against any future conflict.

A Minnesota business lawyer could provide vital support. By filing the initial registration paperwork, drafting contracts, creating franchise documents, and protecting a company’s rights in court, an attorney could help every step of the way. With their help you can work to make sure you are giving your business the best chance of success. Contact a well-versed lawyer today to schedule an appointment to discuss your business.

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