Especially in fields involving technical or scientific skills, it may be necessary for businesses to look abroad to fill their employee roles. If a company is unable to find qualified workers among the United States worker pool, they may be able to use the H1-B visa program to help foreign workers gain permission to work in the United States.

A Bloomington H1-B visa lawyer could help businesses file applications. A well-versed employment visa attorney can work to identify qualified candidates, explain what is necessary to fulfill the H1-B visa qualifications, and complete the necessary paperwork to pursue these visas in Bloomington.

Finding Qualified Employees in Bloomington

The H1-B visa program serves primarily as a way for employers to fill gaps in their staff that American workers are unable to occupy. As a result, the H1-B visa program only applies if that company faces a shortage of American labor. Workplaces must be able to demonstrate that their attempts to fill these roles domestically have failed.

The next step is to identify which workers may qualify under the H1-B program. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), only specialized workers can obtain these visas. Generally, this means that the employer must have a need for a worker with a degree in their field and provide proof that this knowledge is necessary to fill the job position. A Bloomington H1-B visa lawyer could help to explain when this visa may be appropriate.

The Rights of Workers who Hold H1-B Visas

An H1-B visa is a temporary work visa. This means a person obtains permission to live and work in the United States for a specific length of time. For most visa holders, this is a three-year visa with the potential for an extension for another three years.

People in the U.S. under these visas must remain at their sponsoring job. If the employee terminates the position, that worker has 60 days to find a replacement. If they cannot, that worker must return home. A workplace can also sponsor an employee for green card consideration at the end of the maximum six-year term. A Bloomington H1-B visa lawyer may be able to help guide a person through the process.

Reach Out to a Bloomington H1-B Visa Attorney for Help

The H1-B visa program offers great benefits to both workers and employers. People who hold these visas can legally live and work in the United States for a set period. Additionally, these employees can bring their families and may be able to obtain legal permanent residence. There are also many advantages for employers. Employers can look to fill specialized positions at their companies that American workers are unable to fill.

A Bloomington H1-B visa attorney could help guide companies and workers through the application process. An attorney may be able to help determine each party’s eligibility for these temporary work visas and gather the evidence needed for an application. Call today to see how a qualified attorney could help.