It is fairly common to see conflicts arise between landlords and tenants. Our attorneys at BK Law Group are experienced in protecting commercial and residential property owners as well as tenants with disputes, evictions and lease negotiations.


As a property owner who is renting out units or houses to tenants, it is important to understand how MN protects residential renters. We consult with current and future landlords on how to avoid possible litigation, review contracts and lease agreements, how to handle common disputes like repairs, back rent, refunding deposits and more. We also represent and guide landlords who are enforcing eviction on a current tenant. This process includes sending an eviction notice, retaining deposits, and possibly pursuing unpaid rent.


Dealing with harsh and complicated landlords can be difficult without legal help. Whether you are in a situation where repairs are not being made, the current state of living is damaging your health and well-being, or you are being evicted, you need professional representation. You have the right to take action against harassment, notice of eviction, and protecting your assets from a landlord no matter how complicated a situation might be. Our attorneys are ready and dedicated to help.


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