Our knowledgeable attorneys at BK Law are experienced with drafting leases for real estate companies and landlords. As well as reviewing and negotiating terms of a lease with individuals or business owners who are looking to rent specific properties. Whether you are a business that sells or leases properties, or are in the process of renting your dream home or office, it is important to consult with a legal professional.


At BK Law, we offer lease drafting services for real estate agencies and rental property businesses. Before leasing units or homes to potential tenants, it is crucial to draft and review a comprehensive and detailed contract that has the interest of both the rental business and tenants in mind.


Before signing a residential lease for your next, or a commercial lease for an office space, it is important to have a professional to review the lease. Our real estate attorneys at BK Law are dedicated and thorough in order to spot any terms of a lease that could potentially cause the financial or emotional downfall of a client in the future. We are experienced in taking action by negotiating with landlords and rental property businesses in order to obtain your goal.


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