Business to business disputes could involve any part of the professional relationship between two entities. In many cases, this can involve a disagreement over the provisions of a contract. However, businesses that lack a contractual relationship can have disputes as well. Battles over employees or property rights could lead to a lawsuit. When these disputes occur, a seasoned business attorney could help work towards a resolution.

Whether there is a contract in place or not, disagreements between businesses can be difficult to resolve. These complex legal issues are too challenging to take on without the guidance of a seasoned professional. A Minnesota business to business disputes lawyer could work to resolve a dispute in a court of law or defuse the issue using alternative means.

Ending a Disagreement Through Litigation in Minnesota

Some disputes pit businesses with a lot to lose against each other and neither side can afford to compromise. When this occurs, litigation is the likely outcome. The type of lawsuit filed will depend on multiple factors. First and foremost, it is important to identify whether there is a contract between the parties in the dispute. If there is, the contract could not only set the parameters for the claim but even determine where a plaintiff must file suit. Contract disputes are intricate and require a thorough understanding of state law. A practiced Bloomington business to business disputes attorney can explain the necessary law.

Not all disputes between businesses result from contract law, however. For example, property line disputes or noise nuisance complaints are common disagreements among businesses situated next to each other. While some of these disputes could be regulatory issues for the city or county government to handle, others could result in a lawsuit.

No matter the basis of the disagreement, the process of litigating these disputes can be lengthy and expensive. In some cases, there other forms of dispute resolution that could make sense.

Alternative Business to Business Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the name for a number of methods for resolving disputes outside of the courtroom. These methods are intended to either bring the parties together in a mutual settlement or resolve the issue in an informal manner.

Mediating a claim is a common form of ADR. This process involves the businesses sitting down with a neutral third party to discuss the issue. The neutral mediator goes back and forth between the parties to resolve the case amicably.

Arbitrating a claim is another option. Arbitration also involves a neutral third party, but these proceedings are adversarial. Both parties will plead their cases under rules that are far less formal than a trial, then the arbitrator will make a ruling. Whether this ruling is binding depends on what was agreed upon by the parties.

Reach Out to a Minnesota Business to Business Disputes Attorney

While business disputes are often unavoidable, there are multiple options for resolving them. Litigation remains a commonly used tool to solve these issues, but ADR is a growing solution as well.

If you are concerned about an issue with another enterprise, you could benefit from a consultation with a Bloomington business to business disputes lawyer. Call right away to learn more.