Your reputation is a key factor in leading a successful business. When misleading and false claims have been made about you, it can lead to negative consequences including loss of revenue and putting a halt to the growth of your company. If the reputation of you or your business has been damaged by a defamatory statement, our attorneys at BK Law are more than qualified and ready to take your case. We will strategize and create an effective plan in order to seek the compensation for the damages and loss of reputation that you have endured.

What is defamation?

Defamation is a false statement made about a person or company that harms their reputation, usually through libel or slander.

What is libel?

Libel is when someone makes a false statement about a person or business through writing. It can include mediums like the internet, newspapers, advertisements and more.

What is Slander?

Slander is spoken word of defamatory remarks about a person or business. It can take in person, and even public media like TV, videos and podcasts.


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