Real estate litigation is an umbrella term for the legal process of handling various types of disputes over property. A few common conflicts include land use/zoning disputes with governmental entities, foreclosure defense, and landlord-tenant disputes. Both businesses and individuals may be involved in real estate litigation, with severe consequences for both groups. Businesses may lose valuable opportunities because the land involved had issues while private citizens may face the loss of their home.

If you or your business is engaged in real estate litigation, consider hiring a Minnesota real estate litigation lawyer to handle this important matter on your behalf. With experience you can count on, a local business litigation lawyer could negotiate and fight on your behalf to get the best outcome for your business.

Business Real Estate Disputes in Minnesota

Many businesses succeed or fail by using valuable real estate. Because real estate is such an important business consideration, entrepreneurs often end up fighting over issues about the land.

How Could a Lawyer Help Handle Land Use and Zoning Disputes?

Typically, landowners are unable to use their land in a certain way because of zoning restrictions. They may seek a special exception to use their land is a way outside of the zoned use, or to have the land rezoned so that the use conforms with the new zone. In either case, the process is generally complicated and time-consuming. Having a competent lawyer working your case is critical for your success.

Personal Real Estate Disputes

Unlike a business that ultimately is worried about its investments, an individual with real estate issues stands to lose nearly everything, including their home. However, for businesses structured as a sole proprietorship or partnership, owners may be personally liable for the debts of the business. This may potentially lead to the owners forfeiting their personal real estate interests to satisfy any default.

What Defenses Are Available to a Business Being Foreclosed On?

Foreclosure is a complicated process that has many protections by law for both parties. Before a party can foreclose on a property, it must show that a mortgage is in default, no prior action has been instituted, that the mortgage was recorded by the recording office, and there has been adequate notice served. If a Minnesota business owner is facing foreclosure, a dedicated real estate litigation lawyer may be able to help them preserve their business.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

There are a variety of potential disputes between a tenant and a landlord. Both tenants and landlords have certain duties and rights under Minnesota law.

For tenants, the landlord must provide a unit that is habitable, must make reasonable repairs of the unit, and cannot refuse to rent based on race, religion, or other protected classes. The nature of your lease may entitle a tenant to further protections under the law. All entrepreneurs deserve the chance to use a property to build their business and they have a right to a property that is in adequate condition.

On the landlord side of the transaction, property owners may periodically increase rent and may enter the unit for reasonable business purposes. Proprietors are a business in their own right and they have a reasonable expectation of profit as well.

Hire a Minnesota Business Succession Planning Lawyer Today

Whether you are a business owner with a plot of land you cannot use optimally, or you are a landowner who has tenants that are not complying with certain expectations, you may need the help of a Bloomington real estate litigation lawyer. Your attorney could handle your case from the beginning, through negotiations, and into trial to get you the best result possible. Call today to schedule a consultation and start solving your property problems.