Criminal charges for drug distribution can be enhanced to volume dealing charges if the amount and nature of the illicit substance meet certain criteria. Volume dealing cases are treated seriously by local law enforcement, and these charges carry particularly harsh punishments. The severity of this crime makes it especially crucial for someone accused of volume dealing to enter the legal proceedings with skilled representation. If you are facing these charges, a Bloomington volume dealer lawyer could take on your case and protect your rights in court.

Definition Under State Law

The most common volume dealing charge in Bloomington is first degree sale of a controlled substance, according to Minnesota Statute §152.021. This is an extremely serious charge that involves the distribution of large quantities of drugs.

An individual does not necessarily have to make a particularly large sale to be charged with this crime. The statute allows for law enforcement to aggravate any drug sales that a person has made within a 90-day period and add up the total weights or amounts, as though they have been made in a single sale. The seller would then be charged with distributing that amount.

The minimum quantity of drugs to elevate a distribution charge to a volume dealing charge depends on the particular substance. For example, 10 grams of heroin could warrant a volume dealing charge, while a person would need to have sold at least 50 grams of amphetamines to enhance their charges to the first degree. Additionally, a person would have to sell more than 25 kilograms of marijuana before facing these elevated charges. An experienced attorney in Bloomington could help someone accused of volume dealing build a strong defense regardless of the type of drug involved in their case.

Penalties for Volume Dealing

A controlled substance crime in the first degree is a serious felony charge in Bloomington, which is why the assistance of a legal professional can be crucial in these cases. Volume dealing charges carry significant prison time, even if the defendant did not have any previous criminal history or prior drug offenses. The maximum penalty for this offense can be 30 or 40 years in prison.

Depending on the particular circumstances of a case, there are sometimes mandatory minimum sentences. These allow the judge to send a defendant to prison for a minimum of several years, even if this is their first offense.

Investigation Process

There are multiple drug task forces in the area which involve collaborations between the FBI, the DEA, local city law enforcement agencies, and local county sheriffs. These officials take drug crimes seriously and will initiate extensive investigations into any claims of volume dealing. When interacting with law enforcement during a drug trafficking investigation, it could be essential for an accused person to have an experienced nearby lawyer by their side to remind them of their rights.

A Bloomington Volume-Dealing Attorney Could Help You Fight Your Charges

Volume dealing is among the most serious drug crimes in the state, and a conviction for this offense could follow you for the rest of your life. If you have been accused of selling a large quantity of illicit substances, you should reach out to a Bloomington volume dealer attorney right away. A qualified legal professional who has worked with the local law enforcement agencies in the past could offer crucial insight into the litigation process and help you avoid the harsh penalties associated with this crime. Call today to set up an initial consultation.