Solicitation, or offering something of value to another person in exchange for sexual service, is a criminal act with serious consequences. A conviction for solicitation could follow you for the rest of your life and limit your personal and professional opportunities.

As allegations of this crime can have a lasting impact on your criminal record, you may require legal representation to create the strongest defense. If you have been accused of exchanging money for sexual services, consult a Hennepin County solicitation lawyer as soon as possible.

What is Considered “Solicitation” in Minnesota?

Solicitation involves someone intentionally inviting another person to engage in an act of unlawful conduct. This crime constitutes a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense, and a defendant could benefit from local legal counsel regardless of the offense’s severity. Like conspiracy, solicitation is an inchoate crime, which means that even if a person fails to successfully engage in the criminal activity that they solicit, they may still face criminal charges.

Types of Solicitation Charges

Solicitation most commonly refers to the act of exchanging money for sexual services, usually through the act of hiring a prostitute. This offense is often a misdemeanor but can be more serious depending on the circumstances. According to § 609.352, subdivision 1(3) of the Minnesota Code, in cases where an adult is charged with soliciting a minor for sexual services, the charges are enhanced to a felony, and the defendant can face much more severe sex crime penalties.

Although solicitation charges or convictions typically refer to the request of paid sexual conduct, solicitation can also apply to the unethical or unlawful obtaining of clients by a professional or the unlawful request or command to receive funds.

The penalties an individual may face will vary depending on the type of solicitation that the person commits. For example, the penalties for solicitation of a prostitute may be subject to fines of up to $60,000, up to 25 years imprisonment, or both, as provided under Minn. Code § 609.352. Additionally, penalties may be assessed to any individual who commits an act of solicitation against a mentally impaired person or juvenile to commit a crime. Regardless of what type of solicitation charge an individual is facing, they should consider engaging an experienced attorney in the area.

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Criminal solicitation charges, regardless of the nature of the illegal activity that was solicited, are always serious and can carry potentially detrimental ramifications. In addition to the criminal penalties that a charge or conviction of solicitation may bring, the impact of having these charges in your criminal history could have devastating consequences for your life.

Not only do solicitation offenses incur harsh penalties, but they can be difficult to defend against without the help of a qualified legal professional. A knowledgeable Hennepin County solicitation lawyer could examine the available evidence in your case to mount a comprehensive and convincing defense against the prosecution’s charges. Call today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about your legal options.