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Areas of Practice

At BK Law Group, we provide value by combining business and legal experience, and understanding our clients’ needs so that we can provide quality service in a timely, cost-effective manner. We offer services for your business based on a wide variety of needs. If you or your organization has a legal question, concern, or requirement regarding issues ranging from formation to dissolution, we are available to help at an economic rate.

Entity Selection

We will guide you through every important consideration to make when restructuring your business.

Contract Negotiations & Drafting

We use clear terms and concise language and eliminate loopholes to ensure your business will be protected of future responsibilities and risk.

Franchise Agreements

Our attorneys will assist with the structuring of a franchise agreement for those who are building a franchise from the start

Business Mergers & Acquisitions

Our attorneys at BK Law are specialized with successfully directing small to large scale mergers.

Governance for Business Owners

Our attorneys at BK Law are experienced in guiding hundreds of businesses through the process of growing a company and navigating through legal consequences that could arise.

Buy / Sell Agreements

We are qualified to draft your buy-sell agreements to ensure the interest of your business is protected.

Corporate Structure Documents

Our knowledgeable attorneys at BK Law are experienced with drafting documents that will form the structure of a new or existing business.

Business Formation

We will guide you through the complexities of tax appeals, employment law and overlooking key considerations that any new business owner should address.

Business Dissolution

We consult with clients to protect them from possible litigation and financial issues that could arise from the process of dissolving a business.

Shareholder Agreements

Our attorneys consult with small to large scale businesses to address every single aspect that is important when partnering with shareholders.

Partnership Agreements

Our attorneys at BK Law will consult with business owners and potential partners to draft and organize a detailed partnership agreement.

Investor Agreements

If you are currently in the process of building relationships with investors, it is important to have your business protected with a detailed investor agreement.

Banking and finance

We guide our clients through the complex legal issues associated with owning and running a financial institution.

Trademark &  Copyright Law

Our knowledgeable business attorneys at BK Law Group have extensive experience in trademark and copyright matters.