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Areas of Practice

Our skilled attorneys at BK Law Group are willing and eager to consult with businesses for services related to employment laws. By consulting with a professional, you can avoid future litigation between an employee and employer, structure a healthy work environment and protect the reputation of your company. We can draft various employment related legal documents suited to your business as well as provide legal counsel on various employment issues.

Employee Agreements

Our business attorneys at BK Law Group are experienced to work with businesses to create fair and reasonable employment contracts.

Employee Handbook

Having an employee handbook is essential in order to run a healthy and safe work environment for your business.

Employment Non-Compete and Confidentiality

Our knowledgeable attorneys at BK Law Group are experienced in drafting non-compete and confidentiality agreements for businesses.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

At BK Law, we advise businesses and employers on how to draft and develop effective human resources policies and procedures.

Employment Discipline and Discharge

Our associates at BK Law Group are experienced to provide counseling to businesses in order to protect them from possible disputes in the future.