Disputes among partners, shareholders, or other stakeholders in a business often highlight issues in need of resolution, so they should not be ignored. However, uncertainty about how to proceed or fear of giving insult sometimes can make it difficult to address the problem.

A Minnesota shareholder and partner disputes lawyer could provide guidance and work to protect the interests of those involved, whether shareholders, partners, or the entity itself. A well-versed business litigation attorney with experience resolving shareholder disputes could work to minimize conflict while working to achieve your objectives.

Who a Shareholder or Partner Dispute Can Involve

The term shareholder dispute is often used in Bloomington to refer to a disagreement between those with ownership interests in different types of closely-held entities. It could be a dispute between partners or between the members in a limited liability company as well as among shareholders in a corporation.

Bloomington shareholder and partner disputes lawyers can help resolve disagreements over issues such as:

  • Allegations of unfair practices or minority owner abuse
  • Bringing in outside investors or partners
  • Profit distribution
  • Management decisions
  • Enforcement of a buy-sell agreement
  • Allegations of fraud or other misconduct
  • How to handle a retirement or other planned departure

While the goal is to negotiate a resolution in the most efficient manner, sometimes court intervention may be necessary. For instance, an attorney could seek an injunction to stop an action and give parties time to settle their differences. In other situations, the most effective solution could be a buyout or reorganization of the business.

Dispute Litigation in Minnesota

Sometimes, straightforward negotiations fail to move the agenda forward. In these cases, filing a lawsuit may be necessary. Litigation involves a great deal more than arguing a case in a courtroom. Discovery processes such as interrogatories, depositions, and requests for admissions and production of documents can help highlight the issues and build a strong case.

A lawyer could use the tools of litigation to advance interests and resolve conflict without the need to take the case to trial. If resolution is not practical, however, an experienced dispute attorney can present arguments persuasively for the best chance of a positive outcome.

Consult a Minnesota Shareholder and Partner Disputes Attorney

Conflicts may arise for many reasons, but even a minor disagreement can escalate into a major issue that prevents the business from operating properly. Accordingly, it is wise to seek advice from an experienced Bloomington shareholder and partner disputes lawyer at the first sign of a dispute.

Whether the dispute is among generations in a family-owned business, long-term partners, members of a small LLC, or within a corporation with numerous shareholders, prompt action can make all the difference. Addressing problems from out the outset can prevent hostility from leading to irrational decisions. If the conflict has already escalated, an attorney could fight to protect your interests and the future of the business. For a consultation to learn more about the advantages a shareholder dispute attorney could provide in your situation, call now.