When you work, shop, eat out, or visit friends, you trust that property owners, managers, and landlords maintain the premises you visit to keep you safe. Sometimes they do not, and you trip on an uneven floor or slip and fall after a wet spill is not cleaned up.

If someone overseeing property acts or fails to act to make the premises safe, and you are injured because of it, a Minnesota slip and fall lawyer could help you. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys could negotiate with insurance companies and file suit if you are not compensated fairly.

Common Slip and Fall Accidents in Minnesota

Property owners and managers have a duty to repair dangers they know about and warn visitors if repairs will take some time. For instance, grocery store managers should be diligent enough to clean up a spill as soon as possible, but a bathroom leak might require a warning sign if a plumber is unavailable. If the person in charge fails to take reasonable steps to keep the premises safe and a customer slips and falls, both the manager and the store may be liable. Slip and fall accidents are often caused by:

  • Spilled liquids or slippery food, such as banana peels, dropped on floors
  • Icy parking lots and sidewalks
  • Sudden changes in floor levels
  • Unlit parking lots and poorly lit paths
  • Uneven terrain or holes in an owner’s yard

When pursuing compensation for a slip and fall accident, the injured person will need to prove another party’s negligence. A skilled local slip and fall attorney could gather evidence, such as security camera footage and witness testimony that establishes the other party’s negligence.

Seeking Justice and Compensation

An experienced attorney will file a complaint based on the evidence collected, including statements that the defendant’s actions were negligent and why, to instigate a personal injury lawsuit.

The complaint details how the slip and fall occurred and pleads that the defendant’s reckless acts or failures to act caused the plaintiff’s injuries. The complaint also asks for specific compensation the plaintiff and attorney have determined appropriate for the circumstances. A Minnesota injury attorney could assess the facts of a particular situation and seek compensation accordingly.

Attempts to Settle Before Trial

An attorney will generally try to reach a settlement with all interested parties through their insurance carrier before the case goes to trial. It is not uncommon for insurance carriers to offer lowball settlement offers in an attempt to avoid paying out a full and fair amount. In this situation, a seasoned Minnesota slip and fall attorney could file a lawsuit. Insurance companies might raise their offers to avoid trial, but if they do not, a jury will decide if the elements of negligence are met and how much compensation the plaintiff should receive.

Get in Touch with a Minnesota Slip and Fall Attorney

Often after a fall you are able to get up, dust yourself off, and move on. However, sometimes, you fall on the premises of another and break a bone, sprain a muscle, or sustain painful bruising. If the property owner or manager knew about the danger and did not fix it or warn you, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical care, loss of wages, pain, and emotional stress.

A Minnesota slip and fall lawyer could take the lead, pursuing the payments you need and deserve. Call today to set up your free initial consultation.