A person can face many different drug charges involving a wide range of illicit substances. The severity of these charges depends on the nature of the drug in question, but these offenses can carry extreme penalties, including decades of prison time and significant fines. Anyone who is facing drug charges in Bloomington should consider enlisting an experienced attorney who could use their knowledge of the local court system to create an effective defense.

Types of Charges

Under Minnesota law, a drug offense can be classified as a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or felony. The classification depends on the specific crime and the type and amount of drug involved. For example, possession of marijuana, one of the most common charges, could be considered a misdemeanor if someone only had a small amount of the substance. This charge could become a felony if law enforcement found a large amount of marijuana, or if they had reason to believe that the person was in possession of the drug with intent to distribute it.

Aftermath of Being Charged with a Drug Crime

If the charge is a petty misdemeanor or a misdemeanor, the defendant will likely just receive a settlement citation for their offense. They will generally be able to avoid an arrest and will simply be required to give law enforcement their information

However, in the case of a gross misdemeanor or a felony offense, a person would likely be arrested and booked into jail while they wait to see a judge. The judge would then determine the conditions of release and whether any bail needs to be paid. After this, court appearances would be set to decide further action.

Whether a person’s drug charges are relatively minor or severe, they may benefit from the advice of a Bloomington attorney would could walk them through the legal process after being charged.

Building a Defense Against Drug Charges

Defense strategies in criminal cases involving drug charges often center around the mistakes that law enforcement or the prosecution may have made during their investigation. Typically, a Bloomington lawyer would first examine the case to determine if there were any violations of the defendant’s fourth amendment rights.

A careful examination of the arrest and the interrogation could expose a number of missteps that could undermine the prosecution’s case. Proof of a mistake such as an improperly obtained search warrant, an incorrect classification of the drug, or inaccurate weighing techniques could result in the suppression of the prosecution’s evidence and a potential dismissal of the drug charges.

A Bloomington Attorney Could Help You Contest Your Drug Charges

You should reach out to a lawyer as soon as you have reason to belief that you are the target of a drug investigation. The earlier that you involve a qualified legal professional in your case, the more they can do to protect your rights and help you avoid any mistakes during the legal process. A dedicated Bloomington attorney could ensure that you do not face your drug charges on your own by working tirelessly to create defense strategies that are uniquely tailored to your case. Contact us today to get started.