Creating a fake IDs or using another person’s identity to participate in age-restricted activities is an offense that carries strict penalties in Bloomington. A person convicted of using an ID that is not their own could face steep fines and potential imprisonment.

If you are facing criminal charges for purchasing or selling a fake ID, using someone else’s ID, or modifying your official identification card, consider contacting a dedicated criminal attorney. A Bloomington fake ID lawyer could help you mount a strong defense.

Crimes Involving Fake Identification

State law defines three categories of crimes related to fake IDs. The first involves falsifying driver’s licenses or official identification cards, the second is giving a law enforcement officer false identifying personal information, and the third is attempting to purchase alcohol with a fake ID. A Bloomington false identification attorney could help accused individuals navigate the complexities of a criminal case involving any of these statutes.

Crimes Relating to Driver’s Licenses and Other Official ID Cards

Under Minnesota Statute 171.22, the following are prohibited actions:

  • Possessing or displaying a fake or fraudulently modified driver’s license or state-issued ID card
  • Lending an official driver’s license or state-issued ID card for someone else to use, or displaying someone else’s official driver’s license or state-issued ID as one’s own
  • Applying for an official driver’s license or Minnesota identification card with false information, including taking any part of the driver’s license examination for another person
  • Modifying any Minnesota identification card or any driver’s license
  • Producing counterfeit driver’s licenses or Minnesota ID cards
  • Falsely identifying oneself to a police officer with someone else’s birth date or name
  • Displaying a revoked, suspended, or canceled driver’s license as valid for operating a vehicle
  • Using a fake ID to apply for an instruction permit

Creating counterfeit ID cards or identifying oneself to a police officer using someone else’s date of birth or name is a gross misdemeanor. The rest of the acts above are categorized as misdemeanors that may result in penalties up to a $1,000 fine and 90 days imprisonment.

Crimes Relating to Providing Law Enforcement With False Identification Information

Under Minnesota Statute 609.506, it is a misdemeanor to provide a law enforcement officer with a fake name, fake birthdate, or fake or fraudulently modified ID card. It is a gross misdemeanor to provide another person’s name or birth date to a law enforcement officer.

It is a gross misdemeanor to give someone else’s name and date of birth as your own to either a law enforcement officer or court official, which includes court employees, judges, referees and court administrators.

Crimes Relating to Using False Identification to Purchase Alcohol

Under Minnesota Statute 340A.503, it is illegal for an individual who is legally old enough to purchase alcohol to allow individuals younger than 21 to use their identification to purchase alcohol.

How to Determine Whether an ID is Fake or Altered

Individuals responsible for evaluating whether an ID or driver’s license is altered have a number of techniques for identifying fakes. False ID lawyers in Bloomington could help individuals who are accused of related crimes respond appropriately to the claims.

For example, when an underage individual uses someone else’s official identification or license, an educated eye will scrutinize the photo to identify any discrepancies between the image and the person presenting the ID. The most important features they may consider include height, weight, and eye color. They will also likely look for potentially deceitful behaviors or nervousness when presenting the identification.

When evaluating whether a presented identification card or driver’s license is fake or altered, the person examining it may check the card’s rigidity, edges, surface texture, fonts, discolorations, or bumps.

A Bloomington Fake ID Attorney Could Defend Your Rights

An experienced Bloomington fake ID lawyer could help you build an effective defense against a criminal charge for false identification. When you are accused of this crime, you have the right to competent representation. The right attorney could help you avoid the associated penalties and better position you before a criminal court. Call today to learn more.