While Minnesota residents have a constitutional right to own firearms, that right can be limited under certain circumstances. If you are convicted of behaving recklessly with a firearm, possessing one illegally, or using one to commit a crime, you could find yourself facing serious criminal charges that could result in fines, prison time and the loss of your gun possession rights.

Whether you want to contest criminal charges you are currently facing or petition to have your gun rights restored after a previous conviction, a Hennepin County gun lawyer may be able to help. These offenses often incur harsh punishments, so assistance from a skilled criminal defense attorney could be especially important when litigating or relitigating gun-related crimes.

Common Gun-Related Criminal Offenses

Depending on the accusation, a person may be prosecuted under one of a few different chapters of the Minnesota Statutes. For example, the act of removing, altering, or obscuring a firearm’s serial number is considered a “crime against public health and safety” and is codified accordingly under Minnesota Statutes §609.667, whereas carrying a gun without a permit is codified under MN Stat. §624.714 in a chapter of state law specifically dedicated to regulating firearms and fireworks.

Additionally, many statutes defining other criminal offenses allow courts to sentence defendants with enhanced penalties upon conviction if a firearm was present or used during the commission of that crime. For example, criminal assault is classified as a misdemeanor under MN Stat. §609.224 if the act does not result in serious bodily injury, but the use of a dangerous weapon automatically elevates an assault charge to a felony offense under MN Stat. §609.222.

Criminal cases involving firearms can involve a range of circumstances and have different outcomes. A local gun attorney could help an individual understand their charges and work to contest them effectively.

Seeking Restoration of Gun Rights in Hennepin County

As per MN Stat. §624.713, anyone who has either been convicted or an adjudicated delinquent of a “crime of violence” in Minnesota or any other state is barred from legally possessing a firearm in Hennepin County. The term “crime of violence” is applied broadly under state law and includes many offenses that did not necessarily involve any violence during their commission.

Fortunately, it is possible for a person whose prior record of criminal convictions and/or mental illness prevent them from owning a firearm to seek the restoration of their rights under certain circumstances. In addition to helping individuals in the area charged with gun-related crimes, qualified defense lawyers may also be able to help a person seek expungement of a prior conviction, challenge a gun permit denial, or petition the court to restore their right to own a firearm.

Find Out How a Hennepin County Gun Attorney Could Help

There are many ways your gun rights can be restricted under state and federal law and violating those regulations can have serious consequences. If you are facing any criminal allegations related to the use or possession of a firearm, you may need help from an attorney experienced with these kinds of cases in order to effectively seek a good outcome in yours.

If you need help fighting the firearms charges, a Hennepin County gun lawyer could be your strongest and most important ally. Call today to discuss your situation and see how legal counsel could fight on your behalf.