In the United States today, theft is one of the most commonly committed criminal offenses. When a person faces a criminal charge or conviction for committing a theft-related offense, the penalties they could face, as well as the consequences that follow, could have a permanent impact on their personal and professional opportunities.

If you were recently charged or convicted of committing a criminal act of theft, you should take immediate action to engage legal counsel to assist with your defense. For more information regarding how to handle your charges, contact a knowledgeable Minnesota theft lawyer today.

Types of Larceny Offenses

In Minnesota, the criminal offense of “theft” is defined and punishable under Minnesota Statutes §609.52(2). While the Minnesota Court Rules provide a comprehensive list of theft-related offenses, some of the more common types of crimes that constitute theft in Minnesota include the following examples:

  • Taking another person’s vehicle without permission
  • Stealing money, services, property, or merchandise
  • Nonconsensual taking, use, concealment, or transfer of another’s property
  • Theft committed by false representation or deception

A criminal conviction for a theft-related offense can have dire ramifications regardless of the exact nature of the crime. This offense’s severity means that those who are facing criminal charges for criminal activity involving an act that constitutes “theft” are strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel from a dedicated Minnesota theft lawyer who could create a compelling defense tailored to the exact circumstances of their case.

Penalties for Committing a Theft-Related Criminal Offense

Like most criminal offenses, the penalties for committing theft typically involve a monetary fine and/or imprisonment. The severity of the penalties for a theft-related criminal offense will vary depending on the value of the services, property, or merchandise which was stolen.

If the value of the stolen goods is $500 or less, the crime will be considered a misdemeanor offense, the penalties for which include a fine of up to $1,000 or a jail term of up to 90 days. Felony theft offenses, such as theft of property over $5,000, theft that involves the use of a firearm to commit the act, or theft that involves explosive or a trade secret, the penalties increase. The consequences of a felony theft conviction include fines between $20,000 and $100,000, and potential jail terms for up to 20 years.

Let an Experienced Minnesota Theft Attorney Fight for Your Rights

Theft crimes are prosecuted severely in the area, and a conviction or even an accusation for this kind of offense could upend a person’s life. It is important in these cases to enlist qualified representation early on in the legal process to give you the best chance of obtaining a positive resolution.

If you are facing criminal theft charges, the stakes are too high to not take your case seriously. You should seek immediate representation from a legal advocate who is dedicated to protecting your rights, so reach out to a Minnesota theft lawyer today. Call now to schedule your initial consultation and start planning your defense.

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