Not just any person can come into the country seeking employment. A combination of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) work to arrest and deport illegal aliens. They can also act to force a deportation if a person is in the country legally, tries to obtain a job, but does not have permission to work.

One way to gain this permission is to obtain a temporary employment visa. These visas allow workers to take on specific jobs, often with employer sponsorship. A Minnesota immigration lawyer could help companies and individuals explore the options for temporary employment visas and take the necessary steps to obtain this documentation.

The Rights of Visa Holders in Bloomington

A temporary employment visa grants a person entry to perform a job for a specific amount of time. After these visas expire, these workers must return home. If the job ends because of the worker chooses to leave, they must also return home. If an employer chooses to end the job, the worker has 60 days to find a replacement.

However, there are also benefits to temporary employment visas. Workers on these visas can bring spouses and minor children to live in the United States. Additionally, at the end of the term, the worker can apply to turn their visa into a green card. A Bloomington temporary employment visa lawyer could discuss how obtaining a temporary visa could be beneficial.

Differences in Types of Temporary Employment Visas

The most well-known temporary employment visa is the H1-B visa program. Here, an employer sponsors a worker from another country to perform a job that they cannot find an American worker to do. These jobs always require some level of technical or educational expertise and last for three years with the possibility of a three-year extension.

Another common temporary employment visa is the L visa. This allows companies to transfer employees within different branches of their organization across country lines. However, a person must be a manager, executive, or possess specialized knowledge in their field to qualify. Temporary employment visas are also available for:

  • Seasonal agricultural workers
  • Individuals with extraordinary talents or achievements
  • Artists or entertainment groups
  • Participants in international exchange programs

A Bloomington employment visa lawyer could help choose a visa program that meets the needs of employers and workers. They then can work to gather the necessary documentation and complete the required applications to apply for these visas.

A Minnesota Temporary Employment Visa Attorney Could Help

Temporary employment visas grant permission for people to enter the United States to perform a specific job. This can include people with specialized technical skills, advanced education, seasonal agricultural workers, cultural exchange workers, and artists or entertainers.

A Bloomington temporary employment visa attorney could help navigate the USCIS visa process. They can work to identify the correct visa program, determine a person’s and company’s eligibility, and help them apply to obtain a visa. Contact a Minnesota temporary employment attorney to schedule an appointment.