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How to Get a Landlord to Make Repairs

What is a Rent Escrow Action? A rent escrow action is a legal way for a residential tenant to bring a claim that requires his or her landlord to make needed repairs and/or to comply with the terms of the lease. ¬†Keep in mind, a court can only hear cases involving residential property located in […]

Emergency Repairs for Tenants

As a tenant, you will have reasonable requests in regard to maintaining your habitability of the property you are renting. Unfortunately, some landlords do not make the necessary or adequate repairs they are required to do so by law. Below is a “how to” on how to make sure your landlord makes the repairs you […]

Minnesota Security Deposit Laws and Procedures

Almost all leases and rental agreements in Minnesota require a security deposit prior to renting. This is a dollar amount, usually one month’s rent, that’s intended to cover damage to the premises beyond normal wear and tear, and to cushion the financial blow if a tenant skips out early on the lease without paying. Does […]