Drug crimes are treated seriously in Bloomington. Aside from possessing small amounts of marijuana, these charges are typically prosecuted as felonies and sentencing could include mandatory minimum prison terms. Because the stakes are so high, it is critical for those facing substance-related charges to prepare the best possible defense with a dedicated drug lawyer.

A skilled attorney may use various defenses in Bloomington drug cases to get the charges reduced or even dismissed. However, it takes time to gather evidence and investigate weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, so it is recommended that you contact legal counsel as early as possible in the proceedings.

Building a Defense for Substance-Related Charges

When preparing a defense for a Bloomington drug crimes case, an experienced lawyer may first investigate potential constitutional issues. This is a crucial legal step in working to suppress evidence, reduce charges, or get the case dismissed entirely.

On the other hand, legal guidance may also be useful in helping a person gain leniency either from the prosecutor or from the judge. For instance, a well-practiced lawyer may advise a defendant on getting a chemical health evaluation to see if there are any addiction issues at play.

A person facing drug possession charges could also pursue local educational or rehabilitative opportunities to demonstrate their willingness to take affirmative action in changing their behavior.  Both of these options may be effective in getting drug charges reduced or dismissed.

Strategies for Reducing Drug Charges

There are several ways that a persistent attorney could fight for reduced charges on behalf of a defendant in a Bloomington drug case. One strategy is to attack the police conduct in the investigation to have evidence suppressed. If successful, this defense method could lead to a dismissal of the charge.

Stay of Adjudication

For certain first-time or lower-level offenders, there are also tactics to have a case result in a stay of adjudication. This means that in exchange for a defendant pleading guilty and accepting responsibility for their drug charges, the court does not accept the guilty plea and instead places them on probation for a period of time.

Assuming that they comply with all conditions and successfully complete probation, the court will eventually dismiss the case so that there is no conviction. Stay of adjudication is mandated by statute for first-time marijuana offenders in Bloomington, but a seasoned lawyer could also pursue this option for other types of lower-level drug cases if the prosecutor agrees.

Constitutional Issues in Bloomington Drug Cases

There are often constitutional issues at play in police investigations for drug-related charges. In gathering evidence to build solid defense, a savvy attorney may consider the following questions:

  • How did the cops find their evidence?
  • What did they find and how did they know what it was?
  • Has the evidence been sent for testing to confirm what substance it is?

Particularly in cases involving traffic stops, a legal team may investigate whether the officer had sufficient grounds to begin a drug investigation. If police unlawfully expanded the scope of the stop, there may be constitutional grounds to have evidence suppressed.

Similarly, there must be probable cause to support a search warrant for illegal substances. A diligent lawyer in the area could challenge a warrant application on behalf of a defendant in a drug case.

Discuss Defenses in Bloomington Drug Cases with an Experienced Lawyer

Legal support could be useful at every step of the proceedings in a drug case. A well-practiced lawyer could assist a person from the moment they are arrested until their court date. If you are facing charges for possession or sale of illegal substances, ask an attorney about available defenses in Bloomington drug cases.

Additionally, extensive legal knowledge is often necessary to take full advantage of certain options in substance-related cases. Waiting too long to contact legal counsel could narrow the available tactics for combatting the allegations against you. To discuss potential defense strategies for your circumstances, contact our firm today.