Criminal drug possession is taken seriously in Bloomington, whether it is cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana, or a controlled substance without a valid prescription. These charges are often rigorously investigated and prosecuted, and there are multiple tactics that law enforcement agents may use to build a case against an accused individual.

If you are facing drug possession charges in Bloomington, you need a well-prepared defense to avoid serious penalties and potential prison sentences. Consult a proactive drug lawyer as soon as you become aware of the allegations against you.

What Counts as Possession of an Illegal Substance?

There are two types of drug possession that a person could be charged for in Bloomington. First, actual possession is what most people associate with drug offenses. As the name suggests, this charge involves a person physically carrying illicit substances, such as in their pocket.

On the other hand, an individual could be charged with constructive possession if the police find illegal drugs that clearly belong to them, even if they are not necessarily on their person. For example, say the police enter a home on a search warrant and find a bag of heroin in a kitchen drawer. The resident was not actively holding the substance, but they still be charged for constructive possession of drugs.

Common Scenarios for Drug Possession Arrests in Bloomington

In Bloomington, drug possession charges commonly result from traffic stops. If the officers can smell marijuana in the car, or if they have a canine that is alerted by the scent of drugs, they may have grounds to search the vehicle and its passengers.

Another frequent scenario involves information provided to law enforcement by outside sources. If a confidential informant gives notice of criminal drug activity, the police or drug taskforce agents may execute a search warrant. Alternatively, they may even set up controlled deliveries or transactions with their informant and suspect to have direct witnesses of the drug crimes.

Defending against Possession Charges

To proactively defend against allegations of drug possession, it is crucial to retain a skilled attorney right away. Anyone who is being questioned for or arrested on these charges needs legal counsel to avoid making incriminating statements and mitigate the potential penalties.

Lawyers with experience handling drug possession cases in Bloomington know how to fight for dismissal or reduction of charges. Legal guidance could also be key in preventing an incident from appearing on one’s criminal record. Many people believe that they can handle drug possession charges on their own, but a skilled attorney is better equipped to help avoid convictions or minimize sentencing.

Consult a Persistent Attorney for Drug Possession Charges in Bloomington

If you are accused of actual or constructive possession of illegal substances, the police will likely pursue your case using all their available resources. You need a seasoned legal team on your side to protect your rights and interests throughout the investigation or potential trial.

Contact our firm for a proactive strategy to combat drug possession charges in Bloomington. The sooner you seek legal counsel, the stronger your defense is likely to be. Call us today for a consultation.