A conviction for a criminal offense may result in the loss of your right to own or possess a gun. Fortunately, there is a legal process you can undergo to regain your firearm privileges, but you may need the assistance of a qualified attorney to fully understand the complex laws involved.

If you recently lost your right to own a firearm because of your criminal history, contact a Minnesota gun rights restoration lawyer who could guide you through this complicated process and ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements.

Losing the Right to Own a Gun

Many criminal convictions lead to the loss of gun rights, even if the conviction is for a minor offense. Typically, all crimes of violence and some non-violent crimes result in this outcome, including but not limited to:

The defendant’s right to possess a gun can be revoked based on their original charge, which means that a person who had a felony reduced to a misdemeanor is still ineligible to possess this kind of weapon.

Once a person loses the right to own a firearm, they can face severe penalties if found in possession of a gun. Wrongful possession of a gun is a felony, and an accused individual could face a mandatory prison sentence of five years. To avoid these consequences, one should seek the advice of a Minnesota attorney to restore their right to own a gun legally.

Process of Restoring Gun Rights

Restoring the defendant’s right to own a gun can be a long procedure that takes around seven to eight months, depending on the circumstances. If the government does not object to restoring the defendant’s gun rights, the process may move quickly.

The defendant must apply for gun rights restoration with the local court. Each defendant’s situation is unique, and the court analyzes each defendant’s circumstances before determining whether to approve the request. For assistance applying for this restoration, the defendant should contact a skilled Minnesota attorney.

Good Cause

To recover the right to own a gun, the defendant must establish good cause and why they are not a threat to others. There are a number of circumstances that could be considered good cause, including:

  • Needing the firearm for employment
  • Personal security
  • Needing a gun for hunting
  • Proving the defendant can be trusted

Legal Purchase of a Firearm

Once the defendant’s gun rights are restored, they must take steps to ensure their next gun purchase is legal by submitting the appropriate application for a gun permit. Minnesota Statute §624.714 requires the defendant to submit a copy of the court’s order with their gun application.

Find a Minnesota Gun Rights Restoration Attorney to Take on Your Case

If you have completed your sentence for a criminal conviction, you should be able to move on from your past, which can be difficult without access to some of your legal rights. If a prior conviction resulted in your loss of firearm privileges, our firm is ready to help you. A Minnesota gun rights restoration lawyer could be your advocate throughout the process of getting your rights back, and they could help you obtain a permit to purchase a firearm legally. Contact us today to learn more.