Increasingly, employers are asking employees to sign a host of agreements as a condition of employment. Although many workers sign everything without understanding terms or even reading them through, that can be a mistake.

If you consult a Minnesota employment contracts lawyer before signing, you can not only gain an understanding of the binding terms, but you also have the opportunity to have a business lawyer negotiate more favorable terms on your behalf. If you are the employer, it is wise to have an experienced employment law lawyer review the agreements you present to employees to be sure that they can accomplish your goals and comply with current laws.

What Employment Contracts Cover

While contracts in the workplace are increasingly written, employers and their employees may also enter into implied or express verbal contracts. Employment agreements can cover issues such as:

  • Terms of employment such as salary, work schedule, and responsibilities
  • Solicitation of clients outside of employment
  • Benefits such as stock options and bonuses
  • Severance terms
  • Non-competition
  • Confidentiality or non-disclosure
  • Protection of the employer’s reputation/non-disparagement

If terms are unclear, a Bloomington employment contracts lawyer could explain the meaning and implications. Further, an attorney can help a business owner understand what they are allowed to include in a legal contract.

Breach of Agreements in Minnesota

To be legally binding, a contract must begin with an offer, continue with an acceptance of that offer by another party, and include an exchange of something of value known as consideration. In the case of many employment contracts, the consideration the employee receives for agreeing to the terms is the job itself. When an employer asks a worker to agree to a contract later after employment has begun, the employer must usually be prepared to offer additional consideration such as a bonus or access to special information.

If an employee or an employer violates any of the terms of an employment agreement, that is known as a breach of contract. An experienced Bloomington employment contracts lawyer could also help with enforcement of the terms.

In many cases, an employment contract may specify the damages that apply when a party breaches the agreement. This is known as a liquidated damages provision. If the damages specified in the contract are much more extensive than the actual harm caused by the breach, an attorney could argue that the liquidated damages should not apply.

Talk to a Minnesota Employment Contracts Attorney

Whether you are the employer or the employee, you are legally bound by the terms of employment contracts that you enter. Accordingly, it is essential to ensure that you understand the terms, know how to comply with your obligations, and comprehend the penalties that could apply if you do not live up to those obligations.

A Bloomington employment contracts lawyer could assist not only with drafting employment contracts to meet specific needs, but also with revising, interpreting, and enforcing existing agreements. For a consultation to learn how an employment contracts attorney could help accomplish your objectives and protect your future, call now.