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Areas of Practice

Whether you are buying or selling, real estate contracts and leases can be complex and confusing. It is often recommended to consult with a professional before purchasing, selling or finalizing any other major real estate decisions. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of all real estate’s complexities and will advise you on all potential property issues.

Commercial Real Estate

We work with your agent to make sure you or your business is not contractually signing into a situation that can avoidable with the help of an attorney.

Lease Negotiation & Drafting

We are experienced with drafting leases for real estate companies and landlords and reviewing contracts for potential renters.

Residential Transactions

Our real estate attorneys represent the interests of those who are in the process of buying and/or selling residential property.

Eviction & Landlord Tenant law

We protect commercial and residential property owners as well as tenants from disputes, evictions and lease negotiations.

Land Use & Zoning

The attorneys at BK Law handle everything from pursuing approvals or building permits and rezoning requests.

Property Disputes

By contacting an attorney, you can end your disputes and get the resolution you need.

Mechanics Liens

We offer assistance with filing a lien as well as foreclosing liens if complications arise.