Being accused of solicitation can damage your personal reputation and relationships, and bring serious criminal charges that could pose a threat to your future. You might face overblown allegations or circumstances that warrant a dismissal of your case. No matter what, you have the right to defend your case and protect your rights.

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What is Solicitation?

A person solicits a prostitute when they ask another person to engage in acts of prostitution. Under Minnesota Statutes § 609.321, solicitation is defined along with prostitution.

The person who solicits prostitution is called a “patron.” Often called a “John” in common parlance, the “patron” is a person who engages in prostitution by offering to hire someone else to engage in sexual contact or penetration.

Completion of a Sexual Act Not Required

As can be seen by the definition of a patron, even asking for or offering acts of prostitution is a violation of the criminal statute. This means that even if no sexual contact or penetration occur, the crime is committed as soon as the acts are solicited.

This is the basis for law enforcement “stings” that pretend to offer prostitution to catch would-be patrons. These charges often hold up even if the person being solicited was not actually a prostitute. A knowledgeable solicitation attorney who serves St. Louis Park could further explain these nuances and how they might pertain to your case.

Penalties for Solicitation

The penalties for solicitation vary greatly depending on several factors. A person could face anywhere from zero to 20 years in prison depending on the level of offense. They could even face up to $50,000 in fines and life-long sex offender registration for especially serious cases. Factors that may affect the exact criminal penalties a person faces are:

  • The age of the prostitute being solicited
  • Whether violent acts accompanied the solicitation
  • Whether sex trafficking was involved
  • Whether an accompanying sex crime was involved
  • Whether the person has previous prostitution or criminal charges

These factors and potentially others could determine the sentence a person receives if convicted. A qualified St. Louis Park attorney understands the specifics of solicitation law and can explain what defenses may work best.

Challenging Solicitation Charges in St. Louis Park

Certain defenses may help protect a person’s rights and even prevent a conviction in qualifying cases. These defenses may include, but are not limited to:

  • Entrapment: Unjust sting operations may warrant an entrapment defense if they were done improperly and violated a person’s constitutional rights.
  • Suppression Motion: A suppression motion seeks to exclude illegally obtained evidence.
  • Challenging Specific Facts: Certain allegations enhance the criminal penalties. Arguing against these allegations may help reduce the penalties a person faces.

These and countless other defenses exist to contest solicitation charges. Finding the right strategies for solicitation charges in St. Louis Park is best handled by a qualified defense lawyer.

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