College should be a memorable and enjoyable experience, a time of leisure and learning untroubled by legal hassles. Unfortunately, this is not always how things work out. You might find yourself with felony or misdemeanor charges that can affect your rights and freedoms at school. You could face disciplinary action like suspension or expulsion in addition to criminal sanctions.

Whatever your charges, an experienced St. Louis Park student defense lawyer is ready to consult on your case and provide advice. A capable criminal defense attorney could guide you every step of the way toward a favorable outcome for your case. Every student deserves to be protected no matter what.

Criminal Charges Against Students

A college student is just as likely to face criminal charges as any other adult. They also face many of the same potential penalties. The difference is that students may also be punished under their school’s code of conduct. This could mean additional educational sanctions for conduct that occurred both on and off campus.

A violation, or allegation of a violation, can have major consequences for a student’s life. Common allegations against college students include crimes such as, but not limited to:

Students commonly face these and many other potential crimes. Even the allegation of a crime can affect their educational standing and reputation. Every case deserves a strong defense to help and a student defense attorney who serves St. Louis Park is willing to help with a defendant’s case right away.

Title IX Violations in St. Louis Park

Title IX is federal legislation that may pertain to a student’s case. It requires every college or university that receives federal funds to create a Title IX office. This office is tasked with handling and investigating allegations of sexual discrimination. A Title IX office may investigate allegations on campus that are not subject to criminal violations but can still have a detrimental effect on a student’s rights. Violations that may implicate Title IX often include:

These and other offenses could be addressed under Title IX and bring serious penalties in addition to what a student could face in criminal court.

Academic Misconduct Allegations and Defense

Allegations of academic misconduct are rarely criminal cases, but they have serious implications for the student. This can permanently stain and derail a student’s future if not properly defended. Allegations of cheating or plagiarizing are often exaggerated by a school because of how fervently these claims are pursued.

Students are often accused of using cheat sheets and electronics, failing to cite sources, or having another student take an exam. These types of conduct and others may be considered academic misconduct.

Defending the Case

Allegations are presented before a school disciplinary committee governed by specific evidentiary rules. A qualified St. Louis Park student defense lawyer understands these procedures and how to use them to protect the student’s rights.

Get Help from a St. Louis Park Student Defense Attorney

Our firm knows how difficult it is to deal with allegations while in school. Whether you face criminal charges, Title IX violations, or academic misconduct allegations we know how to defend your case and protect your rights as a student.

Reach out to our firm today and let an experienced St. Louis Park student defense lawyer represent you. We are here to help.