A criminal appeal could be an individual’s opportunity to overturn a court’s previous decision or challenge the actions of the people involved in the case. However, appealing criminal cases is a complex process and one of the most challenging areas of law. Overturning a court’s ruling or a jury’s decision requires showing specific evidence and following extensive rules.

When you have the chance to seek an appeal of a decision made against you, you should do so with a seasoned attorney on your side. An experienced Edina appeals lawyer could help you challenge a court’s decision and evaluate your legal options.

What are the Common Reasons for a Criminal Appeal?

Decisions made by a judge leading up to a trial, during a trial, and after a trial could all be appealed. Additionally, decisions relating to an individual’s penalties following a conviction could also be appealed in certain circumstances. Some of the most common reasons for appealing a case include:

Adverse Rulings on Constitutional Matters

Rulings on constitutional matters can often be appealed. In criminal cases, these issues often relate to the constitutionality of a search warrant, probable cause in an arrest, or statements made to police officers while being interrogated.

Insufficient Evidence for a Conviction

When a conviction is based on evidence that could not have allowed a judge or jury to convict the individual beyond a reasonable doubt, it may be worthwhile to appeal the issue. A skilled attorney could assert that the evidence used in the original conviction was not enough to prove guilt.

Illegal Sentences

Sometimes, a sentence exceeds that that which is contained in the state sentencing guidelines. In these cases, an appeal might be necessary to correct the sentence.

Excessive Bail Amount

Under state law, judges typically set a bail amount that individuals can pay to assure their appearance at future court dates, so they do not have to remain in jail during that time. If the bail amount is unreasonably high, an individual could appeal the bail terms while the case is still going through the court process to secure a more reasonable amount.

It is critical for those facing conviction to understand their appeal options. A knowledgeable Edina appeals attorney could evaluate a court’s decision and provide insight into an individual’s specific case.

Requirements of an Appeal

Appeals often happen at the conclusion of a case. When an appeal is filed with an appellate court, the filing individual asks the court to review the decision or conviction and determine if any errors were made. However, the prominent problem people encounter when filing an appeal is the stringent requirements in place for criminal appeals.

State law specifically requires an appealing party to comply with specific rules laid out under Rule 28.02 of the Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure.  There are rarely exceptions to the rules for filing an appeal, so it is crucial for an individual to work with a legal professional that fully understands the requirements. A seasoned attorney in Edina could help ensure that an appeal is not dismissed simply because a filing was incorrectly filed.

Schedule a Consultation with an Edina Appeals Attorney

Appeals are not unlimited, so it is essential to navigate this process carefully and with the help of a professional. If an appeal does not follow the strict requirements under state law, it might be dismissed without an opportunity to argue the merits of the appeal. An Edina appeals lawyer understands the appeal process and could help fight to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Call today to learn more about your legal options.