If you are charged with a drug crime in Edina or one of the surrounding areas, an experienced attorney could help to assist you in your defense. No drug charge should be taken lightly, as even lower-level offenses may carry potential incarceration and fines. Felonies can carry long-term sentences and high fines, coupled with the loss of constitutional rights. A properly constructed defense may help alleviate many potential negative outcomes in your case.

An experienced Edina drug lawyer could help you build the defense you need to protect your rights. Our attorneys are well-versed in Minnesota criminal laws, with years of experience fighting drug charges. Speak with an attorney in our office to get started.

Categories of Narcotics Offenses in Edina

Chapter 152 of the Minnesota Statutes outlines the definitions and potential penalties associated with state drug crimes. Drug crimes are categorized by schedules, going from Schedule I to Schedule V with Schedule V charges being considered some of the most severe. §152.02 of the Minnesota law specifically outlines the five schedules of controlled substances.

A defendant’s criminal defense attorney can help them understand their particular charge, and where it falls within state law. General forms of drug charges a person may face include possession of drug charges, possession with intent to distribute charges, manufacture or cultivation of drug charges, or trafficking or sale in drug charges.

These types of offenses and others may be included in a drug crime charge under state law. The nuances of the particular charge are best explained by an experienced criminal defense attorney that is well-versed in the intricacies of Edina drug laws.

Types of Illegal Drugs

Substances that are illegal under state law can include synthetic drugs, drugs that are naturally grown, or even otherwise legal medications when they are used in an illegal manner. Certain drugs are considered more serious to possess, sell, or create than others, and these drugs may be classified so as to make the punishment for their use more severe than others.

Drugs of which involvement may lead to criminal charges include:

  • Fentanyl and carfentanyl
  • LSD
  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Ecstasy
  • Prescription medication without a proper prescription

There are a multitude of other drugs that are illegal in nature, but these represent some of the most common drugs that lead to criminal charges. No matter what type of drug offense a defendant faces, it is imperative that the individual seeks the expertise of an experienced drug lawyer to navigate the ins and outs of Edina drug laws.

Defenses in Drug Cases

Certain criminal defenses may apply to help protect a defendant against drug charges in Edina. Some defenses are more specific to drug charges, while others are more general in nature. Common drug defenses include:

  • The weight of the drugs was improperly measured
  • The substance is not a drug or is improperly classified
  • Chain of custody was not properly protected
  • Constitutional violations warrant suppression of the evidence
  • Presentation of reasonable doubt to the jury

These potential defenses and many others are tools that a drug lawyer may use to fight a drug charge against an individual.

Consult an Experienced Drug Attorney in Edina Today

Drug charges can carry significant penalties and therefore require strong defenses. A properly prepared defense may be able to help reduce or eliminate potential charges against an individual. No matter the situation, you deserve to have someone in your corner to fight for your rights.

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