Thousands of people in the U.S. are ticketed for violations of state or local traffic codes each day. While many people choose to simply pay the ticket and move on, seeking the counsel of a skilled defense attorney could help to diminish the negative consequences one might face as the result of a traffic violation.

In some cases, it could be possible to have a ticket dismissed. In others, it might be possible to reduce the cost of a conviction. In either situation, a skilled Edina traffic lawyer could help fight your ticket so that you can move on with your life.

Common Traffic Offenses

There are two types of traffic offenses under state law. These categories include moving violations and non-moving violations. These names can be deceiving, as a non-moving violation technically involves a moving vehicle.

Non-Moving Violations

Non-moving violations involve offenses that are not related to the actions of the defendant while they were behind the wheel. These violations often involve the violation of administrative requirements, including expired license plates or the failure to register a vehicle in the name of the owner.

Moving Violations

Moving violations typically involve an act of negligence behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Some common examples include speeding, turning without signaling, or failing to yield.

The distinction between non-moving and moving violations is significant to the consequences of a conviction. Specifically, non-moving violations are not reported to the State Department of Licensing. This means a ticket or conviction will not directly impact an individual’s driving history or insurance rates. Moving violations, on the other hand, are reported to the Department of Licensing. A conviction could not only result in an increase in insurance premiums, but it could also lead to points on a license. Accumulating enough of these points could result in the suspension of driving privileges.

A knowledgeable traffic attorney in Edina could further explain the distinction between the two types of violations and pursue the necessary legal steps to dispute a charge.

The Benefits of Fighting a Ticket

It is not unusual for someone to accept a traffic ticket, pay their fine, and move on with their life. However, this approach could bring a number of unintended consequences. On top of the cost of court costs and fines, pleading guilty to a moving violation could have a dramatic impact on a person’s car insurance rates. Fighting a traffic ticket could be the best option for avoiding these unintended consequences.

By pushing back against a traffic ticket, a motorist could increase their chances of a favorable outcome in their case. While some people ultimately take their case to trial, others could use a plea of not guilty as an opportunity to negotiate a favorable plea bargain.

Some traffic tickets are based on little evidence and are likely to result in an acquittal at trial. In other cases, the state’s evidence could be substantial. A well-versed attorney could evaluate the evidence in these Edina traffic violation cases and determine the best approach forward.

Contact an Edina Traffic Attorney Right Away

For many people, disputing a ticket could dramatically improve the outcome of their case. In some situations, it could even lead to avoiding a conviction entirely.

If you are facing a traffic violation in Edina, a dedicated attorney could assist you in fighting your charges and helping you reach the best possible outcome. Reach out to an Edina traffic lawyer today to learn more.